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Crafting a Visual Identity: How to Create a Vision Board for Your Start


In the world of startups, a vision board is more than just an inspirational collage; it’s a strategic tool for defining and communicating your brand’s visual identity. It helps in encapsulating your startup’s personality, values, and aspirations through images, patterns, and colors, which are fundamental in shaping your brand’s identity.

The Importance of a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is an insightful exercise for you and your team, offering clarity about your brand’s personality and visual direction. This can significantly influence website design, content creation, customer strategy, and even the overall branding approach.

Start with Color Choices

  • Color Emotion Guide: Begin by selecting colors that align with the emotion you want your brand to convey. Utilize a Color Emotion Guide to match specific feelings with appropriate colors.
  • Shade Variations: Consider different shades and what they represent. For instance, a dark blue might convey professionalism, while a turquoise could evoke a sense of creativity and freshness.
  • Complementary Colors: Think about colors that pair well with your primary choice. This combination can further refine your brand’s personality – for example, royal blue and pink may lean towards a feminine vibe, while dark blue and orange could suggest a more dynamic, universal appeal.

Using Digital Tools for Vision Boarding

  • Google Image Search and Pinterest: These platforms are excellent for gathering and refining ideas. Use them to search for images that align with your chosen color scheme and overall brand vibe.
  • Collage of Brand Elements: Combine images, patterns, textures, and even abstract concepts that resonate with your brand. This could include photographs, artwork, key words, and more.

Incorporate Brand Personification

  • People, Animals, and Food: To add a unique dimension, personify your brand. Is it adventurous like Leonardo DiCaprio or dependable like Mark Ruffalo? If your brand were an animal or a food item, what would it be? These fun comparisons can yield surprising insights into your brand’s character.
  • Incorporate Founders and Customers: Reflect your founders’ personalities and your ideal customers in the vision board to add more depth to the brand story.

Creating and Utilizing Your Vision Board

  • Digital Tools for Assembly: Use software like PowerPoint or Keynote to assemble your vision board. Incorporate your company logo and brand personality words to see the cohesive picture.
  • Example: Consider the example of Dauntless, an online education site for positive masculinity, which used a collage of bold, adventurous imagery and warm, inviting colors to reflect its ethos.
  • Application in Business Decisions: Display the collage in your workspace. Refer to it when making decisions related to your website, marketing, or key business strategies, ensuring alignment with your brand’s visual identity.


Have fun with this creative process and remember, your vision board is a living part of your brand. It should evolve as your startup grows. Share your vision boards in the comments below – let’s inspire each other with our visual branding journeys!

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