How we work

We Want to Grow With You

We see ourselves as part of your company, your marketing team. We strive to get to know your company as an insider and build it with you. We’re often one of your first team members and always your biggest fans.

Who We Work With

We Support Startups At An Early, High-Growth Stage

Founders From Diverse Backgrounds, Building Impactful Businesses

When we work together, we see ourselves as part of your team, so we make an effort to align ourselves with people we believe in. Our current clients are both B2B and consumer businesses, and span verticals.

Companies at an Early, High-Growth Stage

We chose the name “ventures,” because per the definition, we love working with daring & risky growth-stage startups! Our niche is high-growth businesses at the pre-seed and seed stage. There’s nothing better than getting to help you achieve your best numbers to date.

Risk-Taking, Visionary Founders

Like your business, digital marketing has its ups & downs. Discovering the right course of action for your startup and finding the right channels to reach your goals takes time, and there are no guarantees. Pericus Ventures works intimately with your business to test, experiment, try, and try again, so we can drive results where and when you need them most. That’s why we love to work with innovative, daring founders who are game to come along for the ride as we find what works best for your company.

Your Full-Service Marketing Team

Your customized digital marketing
strategy could include:

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Paid Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Ads
Linkedin Ads

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Email Marketing

Email Writing & Design
Automated Sequences

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Website Content & Copywriting
Funnel Optimization & A/B Testing

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Search Engine Marketing


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Content Marketing

Blogs / Articles

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Additional Support

Customer Discovery
Operational Support
Project Management Support 
A/B Testing
Analytics & Reporting
High-Quality Partner Referrals

Our Services

Custom Packages

We’ve built our pricing with early stage startups, like yours, in mind. Pericus Ventures starts with an initial 3 Month Strategy Deep Dive, then moves into the building and growing of your marketing channels. Investment starts at $3,000 per month based on your startup’s stage and goals. Although each client’s journey may look different, here is what you can expect working with us:

Initial Strategy Deep Dive

Tailored Marketing Channel Package

In-Depth Growth Analysis

How it Works

Your Steps to Success

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We begin by deep diving into your company and target market — getting to know what makes you special, understanding the customer, and analyzing the market.

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We identify relevant digital channels, as well as recommendations for improving your online customer journey to help you strategically grow your startup.

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We hands on build and manage your campaigns based on our expertise in the channel. We continually run testing & optimizations on budgets, targeting, and creative to drive traction.

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Track & Analyze

We provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting to ensure you’re continuing to efficiently grow. We keep you on track with marketing goals & metrics, identifying new opportunities along the way.

What Makes Us Different

We see that we’re different in that even if we’re engaging with you on one project, our digital marketing approach is holistic. We look at the entire customer journey and your business as a whole to continue to identify ways we can help you improve conversions and grow.

Even though we focus on B2B, SaaS, and Ecommerce, no two startups we work with look the same, even if they’re in the same industry. In the same way, we look at your startup uniquely and build a personalized, innovative strategy to help you succeed.

We love startups and we know startups! We have vast experience working with all different types of early stage startups — in-house, through accelerators, and now as marketing partners. As such, we intimately know the problems you face, and what it takes to help you achieve success and grow.

At this early stage, we know cash and time are precious resources; that’s why we built our business model and pricing with companies like yours in mind. We hope in working with us you see all the benefits of a full marketing team without the headaches and overhead.

Client case studies

Our Client Results
Speak for Themselves

Pericus Ventures has helped early stage startups of all shapes & sizes optimize their online businesses, reach target customers, and achieve record numbers.

Lendsmart The Client Lendsmart Lendsmart logo 5000 Website Views from Direct & Organic Search 10% Increase in Website Page Views 1m + Increased Time Spent on Website
To Over One Minute
See More Results
Lawn Buddy The Client Lawn Buddy Lawn Buddy logo 500% Increase in Conversion Rate 300% Increase in Sign Ups 6,000 Average Monthly Clicks Ad spend = less than $1.00 Per Click See More Results Milaner The Client Milaner Milaner Logo 1,000% Increase in Sales 10% Increase in Traffic 84% Increase in Conversion Rates See More Results

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