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Consider is a recruiting technology company that builds job boards for VC websites and helps tech companies source quality talent faster through its AI recruiting platform. When we partnered with Consider, they were relying on word of mouth referrals for new business. They were ready to expand their outreach and grow the business. With the goal of filling their team calendars with demo meetings, we set out to launch a lead generation email campaign, complemented by a LinkedIn outreach strategy to reach potential customers.


Our lead generation email and LinkedIn strategy connected the Consider team with their target demographic— heads of talent acquisition, chief people officers, and hiring managers at VC’s and tech startups. We personalized every message and included a creative, dynamic image to maximize our potential for responses. We tested different personalization lines and messaging in order to identify the best performing copy for prospective clients. As a result, our personalized email marketing strategy consistently drove high quality leads and increased the number of demos booked significantly for the Consider.

Arnab Bhattacharjee Headshot

“Pericus Ventures’ unique lead generation approach helped us authentically reach our target customers, book up our calendar with demos, and sign new customers. We trust them to connect with and nurture potential leads. The responses we get from our emails have been some of the best I’ve ever seen — a true testament to their thoughtful approach. We highly recommend using Pericus Ventures if you’re looking to increase your pipeline.”

Arnab Bhattacharjee
CEO & Co-founder, Consider

Results & ROI

9.42% Reply Rate Achieved

32% Increase in Open Rates

Received Responses:

“This is by far the best cold email I have ever received…I have forwarded your email on to those who would make the decision.”

“I typically don’t collaborate with recruiting help, but I would love to connect with you.”

“I have received what feels like hundreds of emails from potential partners. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to one before this. I must say I thought your picture was really creative. Very well done!”