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Health-tech startup brings lung cancer patients together by leveraging Facebook advertising to empower patients to share their story.

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Peer Medical has a big mission— to build a community that pools verified and anonymized medical records, so lung cancer patients can optimize their treatment plans. As Peer Medical looked to increase sign ups to grow their community, we worked to understand and reach their specific target market of lung cancer survivors online. Our goals in working together were to increase signups and communicate the benefit of sharing their data, so more people would upload their medical records. We identified the most valuable channel for Peer Medical to be Facebook.


It was essential for Peer Medical to reach a specific demographic and target market. While we needed to encourage survivors to share their medical information, we also needed to provide reassurance that all personal information would remain anonymous and secure. We worked to develop the right ad copy and messaging to build trust within our audience and the Peer Medical community.

We began by testing Google ads with the goal of reaching lung cancer survivors who were using it as a research platform. After testing a variety of audiences and filtering them based on search terms around biomarkers and support groups, we found Facebook was our highest converter. While Google provided us with high click rates, Facebook targeting resulted in more sign ups and medical record uploads. We found this to be consistent with industry data.

We optimized our Facebook advertising campaigns to reach lung cancer survivors looking for support and community around their lung cancer journey, while spending our budget wisely and managing the extent to which we saturated the lung cancer journey market. By excluding people who had already seen our ads and building out specific audiences, we implemented innovative targeting initiatives to increase Peer Medical’s reach within their audience without a strong cost per acquisition.

Ed Spiegel Peer Medical

“Pericus Ventures has helped us test and optimize channels to drive our target market to the site and reach our sign up goals. With their expertise, we have identified opportunities through Facebook Ads to reach our best sign up numbers to date. They have also gone above & beyond to support tangential efforts like providing recommendations for improving our email sequences and nurturing our community on social media. They have been essential to the growth of our company.”

Ed Speigel
Founder & CEO, Peer Medical

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